Us! Part 5: "Loving God" Pt. 3 - Power In His Presence
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Delivered By
Pastor Carl Friedel
Delivered On
September 24, 2017 at 10:30 AM
Central Passage
John 4:23-24
Loving God

William Hendricks interviewed people who left the church to find out why and reported his findings in his book, “Exit Interviews”.  He lists about twenty reasons people leave the church.  One of those reasons is because what we call worship in most churches does not really connect them to God. 

Hendricks warns us in his book saying, “It’s a serious matter, because the question, ‘Where is God?’ – the doctrine of God’s imminence – lies at the heart of why people come to church.  They expect to find God there.  And why not?  If you can’t find God in a church then where can you find Him.”

In the nineties George Barna did a poll among regular church attenders about how often church worship services brought them into the presence of God.  27% said “always”, 12% said “usually”, while 34% answered, “never’ and another 27% said, “sometimes, rarely or didn’t know.”  Another study showed that one out of every six believers say they have never experienced the presence of God, either inside or outside of the church, according to Sally Morgenthaler in her book Worship Evangelism.

This message emphasizes the truth that as we connect with God's presence we will expereince transformation.

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